P.O. Box 28608, Las Vegas, NV 89126-3608
Tel: 702.277.8498
The disciplinary philosophy of the school places the responsibility of good behavior with the individual student. Student must be aware of every rule and penalty that results from any misbehavior. Students are expected to be polite and well mannered at all time.
Enrollement and Fees
Tuition must submit before or on due date for each trimester along with enrollment form. There is no refund or discount for any absences or cancelled classes if any.

Entry fee : One time fee $75(make a check payable to LVNKS)
Tuition : First child $265/trimester / Second and after $245/trimester
** Make a check payable to LVNKS
Textbook : Pay immediately upon receiving invoice.
** Costs are varies on courses.
PTA : $15 annual membership per family (cash only, pay directly to the PTA)
Class Schedule
Class schedule is described below. Students may not arrive before 8:30 A.M. Students are to be picked up before 12:45 P.M. Please call and notify us if you are going to be late for pick up. There will be an additional charge for supervising your child(ren) after 12:45 P.M. If you do not notify us, there may be disciplinary action depending on the occurrence and degree.

School Gate Opens: 08:30 am
Homeroom: 08:45am - 09:00am
First Period: 09:00am - 09:45am
Second Period: 09:55am - 10:40am
Third Period: 10:50am - 11:35am
Fourth Period: 11:45am - 12:30pm
Gate Closes: 12:45 pm
In Case of Emergency
Please register the name and telephone number of the person to notify in case of emergency.
If your child becomes sick or injured and needs medical attention, we will need your permission to take them to the hospital. Please sign the authorizations on the enrollment form and Emergency Contact Form.
Telephone Procedures
Please let your children know that we only accept emergency telephone calls and are unable to take personal messages. Please call school at 277-8498 first, if not available and it is emergency, then you may call at Clark Community School. CCS telephone number is : 229-3686, during Saturday school hours only. If your child is unable to attend class or will arrive late, please contact their teacher as soon as possible or leave a message at school phone number.
Entering the Classroom
Parents/Guardians are not allowed to attend the classes with their children without obtaining permission from the teachers and the school office.
Permission to Leave Class Early
We cannot release your child from the school unless you pick them up in person and obtain teacher’s permission.
Medicine Procedures
If medication needs to be given to your child(ren) during school hours, please notify us with the prescription from the doctor. We do not take any responsibility for any medication brought in without our knowledge. Please make personal arrangement for the dispensing of your child’s medication and obtain permission from the office or teacher.
Personal Belongings
Please put your name and class on your personal belongings. Please do not bring or allow your child(ren) to bring any personal belongings such as Nintendo, toys or games unless the teacher requests them. If your child brings any of these items to class, the item will be taken away and we will not be returned until we have discussed it with the parents.
Lost and Found
We will keep all lost items for a period determined by the school administrator. The item will be discarded after this period.
Food in the Classroom
Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in the classrooms. Water (no juice or soda) may be allowed in the classroom if the teacher permits.
Dress Code
Please follow the CCSD dress code policy #5131. Short skirt, shorts, tank tops, half tops, hats, slippers or T-shirts with offensive language printed on them are not allowed.
School Property
If your child damages any school property, you are required to replace it. If the damage is done intentionally, disciplinary action may be taken.
Outstanding Students
If your child is an outstanding student, he or she will receive recognition from the school, such as Perfect Attendance (PA).
Because this school only meets once a week or 42 times a year maximum, it is important that your child studies every day at home. It is important that effort is made by the student and parents to complete the assignments. The school tries to provide the best guideline for both children and parents to complete the assigned homework.
Announcements will be by (1) mail, (2) through students and/or (3) posted on the bulletin board on the wall near the entrance. Please check the paper from the teachers, school and the bulletin board every week.
No Solicitation Policy
Any type of solicitation is prohibited at the school.
Disciplinary Action
A student, who interferes with the class, is not prepared to study in the classroom, does not follow the rules, etc., may receive disciplinary action including termination.