P.O. Box 28608, Las Vegas, NV 89126-3608
Tel: 702.277.8498

Under the globalization and internationalism that we live in today, Las Vegas Gakuen cultivates the mental and physical well being of our students while teaching them Japanese language and culture.
We instill in them the proper knowledge, wisdom and human virtue to help make good decisions and to take actions with cooperation and independence in mind in order to become a positive member of the global union.

Las Vegas Gakuen teaches students in a group atmosphere the quality of Self-Learning and the Joys of Learning. We do this by attempting to raise and maintain the students Intellectual Curiosity and Desire to Learn with emphasis on the foundations of learning.

In order to achieve this goal, we provide teachers who prepare well-designed curriculum as practical self guidance throughout the year.
They must express a great deal of responsibility, be performance drive, and be mentally and physically healthy, conveying joyfulness and broadmindedness, being committed to continuing education together with students.